How does Green Commuter's vanpooling service work?

For Green Commuter's vanpooling service, you can sign up as a primary driver, alternate driver or a passenger. Green Commuter's easy-to-use app matches you with people making similar commutes. A motor vehicle record check will be completed if you sign up as a primary or alternate driver  to ensure you meet eligibility requirements.  Once a vanpool is formed, Green Commuter will notify you and make arrangements for your first trip. The Primary Driver signs a monthly lease agreement with Green Commuter and passengers and Alternate Drivers pay their share for the vanpool to the Primary Driver. Then the commuting begins! If you are interested in participating in a vanpool, please pre-register now on our vanpool page. Or if you are an employer interested in bringing all-electric vanpooling to your work site, please contact us by submitting a ticket at the top right of this web page.


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