In addition to regular rates, what other fees may apply?

You can see the full fee schedule in your agreement with Green Commuter. Here is a simple breakdown of fees though Green Commuter reserves the right to assess an additional fee if an unanticipated situation arises:

  • Tolls: You are responsible for any toll fee that applies.
  • Credit or Debit card declination fees
  • Late return of vehicle - $50 plus the cost of additional time used beyond the reservation period and expenses to accommodate an affected member (e.g. taxi fees)
  • Late payment - If your payment is not made within 30 days, you will pay Green Commuter a late fee of the lesser of 5% of the late payment or the highest amount permitted by applicable law
  • Excessive cleaning fee: $75
  • No Show Fee: You pay the full cost of the reservation with no refund.
  • Failure to plug in charger: Green Commuter will assess a penalty fee.
  • Lost car documents or equipment: The cost of replacement plus a $30 administrative fee
  • If a vehicle needs to be towed due to your negligence, you are responsible for towing fees and lost revenue.
  • If you drain a vehicle battery, you are responsible for the costs of repair and any potential lost revenue and towing.


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